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Below are some of the beautiful customer reviews i've received so far


"Have been using this product for over six months, every night before bed which helps with keeping my chest clear and sore throats at bay. Highly recommend this product" Corinne (Chest rub)

 "This stuff is absolutely amazing! It works so well on my boys and smells amazing. We are due to order a new one coming into these cooler months where all the sniffles start. Such a beautiful product even my hubby puts on himself when not well!" Rachel (Chest rub)

"This chest is the perfect alternative to Vicks. Knowing that this chest rub has all natural ingredients I know it won't be harmful on the kids. We use the rub when we start to get sniffles and it helps clear our sinuses" Meagan (chest rub)

"We live ending our night rubbing this into our feet creates such an amazing relaxing experience" Nathalie (Sleepy head rub)


"These are the “bomb” literally! My boys love popping one of these in their bath each night and they smell amazing!!" Rachel (calming bath bombs)

"Such a calming and relaxing scent. Love these bath bombs: Keira (lavender bath bombs)

"What a clever product you dont have to miss out on the luxury of a bath bomb because you have a shower" Nathalie (Lavender shower melt)

"The shower melts are an essential part of winter supplies in our household. They are a great way to help clear a blocked nose. The kids think they are a bath bomb for the shower and don't realise they are helping clear their sinuses. Highly recommend" Meagan (Sniffles shower melt)


"I love these salts, they are the perfect thing to help me relax and wind down with the salts and the oils as well, so my mind and my muscles benefit at the same time. If I had as many baths as I want, I would just run out so quickly that I need a regular supply" Ceri (Lavender bath salts)


"This is my favourite lip balm. It keeps my lips from getting dry in the Canberra winter. It doesn’t leave any residue in the corners of your lips and the peppermint leaves a nice cooling feeling" Katy (Peppermint lip balm)

"To be honest I wasn’t sure the lip balm would win me over. But I am so glad I tried it! This is so hydrating on my lips and perfect for these coolers months! Definitely a staple in our house now" Rachel T (Peppermint duo)


"I use at least one of these rollers daily. My faves are STRESS LESS and CALM YA FARM. Not only do these rollers help my emotions they also smell divine and i've replaced my perfume with one of these rollers. Thank you for these beautiful blends and the discount of buying as a set" Sarah (Emotions bundle)

"I’m prone to tension headaches and I now take significantly less Panadol/nurofen since I got this roller - I reach for this first" Suz (Head tension roller)

"I love this roller. It’s become apart of my bedtime ritual and I feel like I get such a relaxed sleep when I apply this! I take it away with me also" Rachel (Sleepy head roller)

"This roller blend smells lovely and is so calming for my anxious brain. Highly recommend!" Katy (Stress less roller)


"I LOVE this spray!! I spray it on my pillows and sheets before bed and it just relaxes and calms me and gets me ready for sleep" Suz (Sleepy head spray)

"Thank you Sarah for an amazing bug blend. I needed this the day it arrived heading out to the farm! Bugs were hanging around like crazy, then as soon as I sprayed Inspire Wellness Blends bug spray, they disappeared! The bottle fits well in your handbag ready for the unexpected or when time to reapply. Smells much nicer then the commercial sprays too!" Jasmin (Bug off spray)

"I love the lavender magnesium spray, it has helped with my restless leg syndrome so much and smells lovely" Rebecca (Lavender magnesium spray)

"Highly recommend the magnesium spray. I am one who takes ages to get to sleep as I am an over thinker. I just spray a little magnesium to the back of my legs and let the magic begin. By the time I hit the pillow it doesn't take long before I am off into a deep sleep. One of my favourite products" Meagan (Magnesium spray)